Two medals in sprint for team Russia

On the second competition day weather conditions in Khanty-Mansiysk were close to ideal. The temperature went up to -4C — just like a real spring for Siberia — and the athletes didn’t have to get their fingers frozen off. The only inconveniences were made by subtle flows of wind.

Johanna Skottheim of Sweden who finished second in super sprint this time was the first in the start list. After her Aita Gasparin of Switzerland who already participated in the Olympics and World Cup races went on a track. Her speed was not very high but still thanks to her clean shooting Aita managed to become a preliminary leader of the competition. Polina Shevnina was the first one in a start list from team Russia. She was very good on the first loop but she missed one target in prone and even lost balance when leaving her rug.

Luise Kummer of Germany broke her pole on the first meters of the race still this delay didn’t get on her way to demonstrate good result with clean shooting.

Another German biathlete Nadine Horchler who is a current leader of women’s Total Score was considered to be one of the favorites of the race. She was really fast on the first loop and shot clean in prone but two missed targets on the second range left her without any chances to win. Her younger sister Karolin was even less lucky. She was fast on the track but got two penalty loops in her first shooting.

Italy’s Alexia Runggaldier joined the group of leaders cleaning all targets in the prone position. However standing was not so good for her; with one uncleaned target she finished sixth.

Russian athletes were among the fastest on the track but had problems in shooting. Still even missed targets didn’t prevent Anastasiia Egorova and Irina Uslugina from getting on the podium: with two penalty loops each, they left the stadium second and third. The top position was taken by Julia Schwaiger of Austria who shot clean on both ranges. She became one of only two women to shoot clean. The second one was Victoria Padial Hernandez of Spain who finished 15th showing the best result in her carrier.

22 y.o. Julia Schwaiger of Austria managed to keep her leading position till finish thus getting her first IBU Cup gold. Second place went to Russia’s Anastasiia Egorova with two penalties, 10.3 seconds behind. Her teammate Irina Uslugina finished third, matching Egorova on the shooting range, 26.9 seconds back. Chloe Chevalier of France had only one penalty but missed the podium by mere .5 seconds.

Today was the last sprint race in IBU Cup season 2017/18. The best in Women’s Sprint Score is Karolin Horchler of Germany so she took the small globe in Sprint. After the flower ceremony, women’s team of Russia was also awarded with the globe in the Nation Cup Score.

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