Winners of IBU Crystal Globes will be defined in Khanty-Mansiysk

Just a week before the end of IBU Cup 2017/18 it is time to summarize intermediate results of the season.

The program of IBU Cup 8 in Khanty-Mansiysk will include three competitions: super sprint, sprint and pursuit. On March 14 super sprint race will have its debut in the official calendar of IBU, while on March 16 and 17 small Crystal Globes in sprint and pursuit will be awarded. Besides, winners of Men’s and Women’s Total Score and Nations Cup will get the big Crystal Globes.

According to IBU rules, winners of each individual, sprint and pursuit races get 60 points, second place has 54 points and 48 points goes to third place. Athletes, finishing 4th to 6th get 43, 40 and 38 points correspondingly.

In men’s sprint the sole leader of the season is Frederik Gjesbakk of Norway who has 335 points. His main rivals are also from Norway. They are Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen and Vegard Gjermundshaug with 277 and 265 points correspondingly. In case of good performance in Uval and Khanty-Mansiysk Petr Paschenko from Ugra also has a chance to get to Top-3 of sprint total score. How he is just 6 points behind Gjermundshaug.

In women’s sprint the current leader is Uliana Kaisheva with 315 points. But her absence in the entry of Russian team gives chances to German athletes Karolin and Nadine Horchler , who are having around 30 points difference with Kaisheva.

With just pursuit race to go, France’s Chloe Chevalier tops the Women’s Pursuit Score. Emilie Aagheim Kalkenberg of Norway, Enora Latuilliere of France and Nadine Horchler of Germany are struggling for the second and third place.

In Men’s Pursuit Score Norwegians Frederik Gjesbakk and Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen and Alexander Loginov of Russia are candidates for the small Crystal Globe. Russia’s Petr Paschenko also has some small chances to win.

The difference in the men’s overall between Norwegians Fredrik Gjesbakk and Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen is also not very big, only 6 points, so both have a chance to finish a season with a big Globe in their hands. At the same time, France’s Chloe Chevalier tops the IBU Cup Women’s Total Score with a 3 point advantage over Nadine Horchler of Germany.

In Women’s Nations Total Score Russia is the sole leader, while in Men’s overall Top-3 candidates to get the Globe are Norway, France and Russia.

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