Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen: This race was about both shooting and skiing

Press-conference of the medalists of men super sprint was held in the media center of Biathlon IBU Cup Final.

1 place – Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen (Norway):

“I think this race is about both shooting and skiing. Today I missed and than pushed maximum on the track. My shape was good and I managed to catch up. I think super sprint is more about the shape than people think. Also it’s biathlon so it’s about both.
It is a very short track but also it is very fast. Now you don’t go through the stadium before the shooting. You go directly to the shooting range. So it’s really tactical to decide whether you want to go fast and try your luck or you want to go slower and loose the time. Today I think I tried both options. I did some laps with the maximum pushing and some of them I was trying to cool down. None of them worked, I missed almost every shooting so I am not sure what I will do next time”.

2 place – Lorenz Waeger (Norway):

“This race was really exiting and to be honest I am still feeling exited a little bit. It is such a quick race: shooting and track all together. For me it was about staying cool and hit as much targets as I can. But after all it was very special for me. I think it is very good to add some new competitions and different types of races in the calendar. I hope I can go on like this two more races”.

3 place – Vasilii Tomshin (Russia):

“Today was my first race on such a high level. Before that I only competed among juniors. I am really happy about today’s success. This race was my first super sprint as well and I loved the experience. A small lap, shoulder to shoulder fight, everything is very fact. I had a penalty loop during the qualification but I hadn’t put too much thought to it. I knew that the final is a new race so I just did my best”.

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