Karolin Horchler: It was really crazy and funny on the track

Press-conference of the medalists of women super sprint was held in the media center of Biathlon IBU Cup Final.

1 place – Karolin Horchler (Germany):

“I didn’t think I was going to win. It was a very new race for me. And I decided just to see what I can do today. I am so happy about my race because I shot clean and yet it was really crazy and funny on the track. It wasn’t hard, it was just very-very funny today”.

2 place – Nadine Horchler (Germany):

“I feel excited and a bit unusual after this race. There was a big gap between the qualifications and the final. It was a little bit new to me to go to the hotel and to have lunch and to have rest. There was much action on the shooting range, in the normal race I don’t make shooting that fast, but this time I did it faster, I made only one mistake so it was a very tough race for me.

It is nice to be on the podium together with my sister although sometimes it is kind of a fight between us”.

3 place – Tamara Voronina (Russia):

“The race was really esciting for me. All the athletes were very close to each other. You see all your competitors and your current position. It was so interesting. The most difficult part was near the shooting range. There is a very tough uphill on that part of a track. And what I liked the most is the feeling of competitiveness and the thrill of this discipline”.

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