IBU Cup Final live on TV

Races of IBU Cup Final in Khanty-Mansiysk will take place on March 14, 16 and 18. Being one of the most popular sports in Russia, biathlon is traditionally watched on TV by millions of people. This year TV and radio company “Ugra” will again be the host broadcaster of competitions in Khanty-Mansiysk.

More than 1 hundred employees of Ugra TV will be producing a signal in HD format that will satisfy even the most demanding audience.

The history of big biathlon in Ugra started in 1997 from “Ugra Cup”. “Ugra TV” was making a signal and broadcasted it to Eurovision. This was a unique situation; the regional Cup was broadcasted on international level. Still, TV and radio company “Ugra” did it!

“When it has just started, we didn’t understand a lot, – said the general director of “Ugra” Valery Rayevsky. – That’s why we were often communicating with international community, Executive directorate of Organizing Committee, TV directors, cameramen, traveled to Europe and leant their experience. We were talking to representatives of TV channels from Germany, Norway and other countries. With those, who are experts in TV broadcasting. We were visiting other World Cups and were looking not at spectators but at OB-vans, TV compounds, walking along the tracks looking where cameras were put.

The most important thing is to have such a strong team as we have. Our specialists have been dealing with broadcasting biathlon races for many years. So there’s not a question for European Broadcasting Union and for TV channels from Europe, who will be the host broadcaster of biathlon events in Russia”.

This year video of IBU Cup Final will be produced by 17 cameras placed along the perimeter of the track. Two OB-vans will also be involved in broadcasting. One of them will be producing HD signal for TV. People on the stadium also want to know what’s going on in other parts of the track, so one more video stream will be produced for displays on the stadium.

Now the process of getting ready for broadcasting IBU Cup Final is in full swing. Preparation works on the stadium have already started. Ugra TV connects electricity, organizes mixed zones, ensures delivery of video to different countries as a part of obligations of host broadcaster.

TV broadcast will be directed by an experienced specialist from Moscow Alexander Papyn, who was working, for instance, on Olympic games in Sochi.

The live broadcasting of competitions will be shown on Ugra TV channel as well as on the official page of competitions.

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