Golden super sprint for IBU Cup leader

Upon the end of women super sprint final the debut of the race was made by men. As it was expected the novelty in IBU calendar brought the unpredictable results.

The prologue of a new discipline was not easy for its participants. The start of qualification coincided with a snowstorm and strong wind. In such weather conditions the top-30 athletes were defined. They proceeded to the final part of the race. The final competition had a mass start with athletes competing shoulder to shoulder. Altogether athletes passed a tough uphill and in just a couple of minutes went back to the stadium.

The first shooting divided the participants into several groups. Alexei Volkov of Russia was the first who shot clean. Austria’s Patrick Jakob and France’s Jean Guillaume Beatrix chased the leader 7 seconds back. They were soon joined by Norwegians Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen and Aslak Nenseter.

The second shooting range was not the lucky one for top-4 group. Alexei Volkov made four mistakes and went to a penalty loop while Christiansen and Nenseter used one extra bullet each. The leader now was Matej Krupcik of Czech Republic who demonstrated clean shooting. However, it was not for long, he was soon joined by the Norwegian duet. The leading group was also enlarged by Russia’s Vasilii Tomshin.

Despite his great speed on the track this time Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen demonstrated clean shooting and was the first to leave the shooting range. Among those few who managed to shoot without extra bullets was Lorenz Waeger from Austria. Still few seconds back were Krupchik, Beatrix and Tomshin. Christiansen pushed harder leaving the rivals with no chances to win.

Norwegian was shooting on the last range without any company. He made one mistake but managed to stabilize the situation hitting all the targets with six bullets. His closest rival Waeger shot clean bringing himself silver. The third one to go on the final loop was Vasilii Tomshin. Thus the medalists of the first official men super sprint were defined.

It is to be noted that for 21 y.o. Tomshin it was the first medal outside junior competitions. The fourth place in the race went to Vegard Gjermundshaug of Norway, France’s Jean Guillaume Beatrix finished fifth while Russia’s Petr Pashchenko was the sixth.

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