Alexey Slepov: If you have a medal, you can eat a candy

Press-conference of the medalists of men super sprint was held in the media center of Biathlon IBU Cup Final.

1 place — Alexey Slepov (Russia):

“When I stay on the podium, I always remember one saying, “If you have a medal, you can eat a candy!” So, before the start, I always set up high goals for myself and glad when everything works out. First of all my team did its best; everyone who was leading me through the track, servicemen and coaches. Everything came together perfectly. And the gold medal is the best proof of it. There is no secret of clean shooting. I am just relaxed because it is the end of the season – around two competitions are left. I hope that tomorrow I won’t think too much about starting first and will just do my best”.

2 place — Alexander Loginov (Russia):

“I am happy for Alexey and happy about my place. I managed to get through the last part of the race pretty well, it is the plain part that was hard for me. I am not sure why, because I felt well and there was no reason for complications. I hope that the season won’t end with tomorrow’s race. We have the National Championships ahead of us after all”.

3 place — Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen (Norway):

“I didn’t think so much about winning the IBU Cup Sprint Score. I was remain focus on the winning the National Score for the men’s team so the Sprint Score was just a little bonus. The first one was more important. I think the plan for tomorrow is to try really hard to catch up with these guys. Today was one of the toughest races in my life so I am looking forward to tomorrow’s pursuit”.

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