Gold and silver of women’s pursuit for team Russia

The last competition day on IBU Cup Final in Khanty-Mansiysk was the warmest one on this event. Sun was shining bright giving its warmth to both athletes and fans.

Start list of the last women’s race of the season was formed basing on the results of the sprint race. Leaving the stadium with bib 1, Austria’s Julia Schwaiger received an adjustment of 30 seconds from the first meters due to an early start. Four penalties at the first two stages put the winner of the women’s sprint out of the contention.

Unlike the rival, second start number Egorova started her competition with a clean first prone, taking a lead over Uslugina, who also matched her teammate at the shooting, following in the second position. By the next prone stage, fast Egorova increased her advantage, which was enough to cover a penalty loop and still leave 12.9 seconds ahead of clean-shooting Uslugina. Horchler, with two zeroes, already moved to the fourth place but was 1:22.4 behind the leader.

First standing saw the changes in standings; while Egorova missed twice, her teammate continued accurate shooting and left the stadium with a confident lead. Now, Egorova with three misses was on a distance of 37 seconds from the first. At the final standing, Uslugina was shooting slow and accurate but still missed with the very last shot. Egorova matched her teammate with one penalty, losing a chance to win the Gold medal. While the rivals were leaving uncleaned targets, the German, who surprisingly missed three times yesterday, today showed her usual perfect shooting, securely leaving in third.

After the finish, Uslugina commented on her win and season, “This season was probably one of the most interesting in my career. It started very good; the middle was a bit down. But I finished it on a very good note, so I am really glad about that result.”
Horchler was also very excited because she did not only receive a Bronze medal, but also the Big Globe the German was dreaming about, “This Globe is so heavy, but it feels so good to hold it in my hands. In the morning I was a little bit nervous because of the Total Score points, but everything worked out perfectly for me!”

After the medal ceremony, France’s Chloe Chevalier was also awarded with a small Globe for the win in the women’s IBU Cup Pursuit Score.

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