Alexander Loginov: Winning the IBU Cup Pursuit Score was a nice surprise for me

Press-conference of the medalists of men’s pursuit was held in the media center of Biathlon IBU Cup Final.

1 place – Alexander Loginov (Russia):

“The weather was really windy today. I wasn’t sure in which way a wind blew. I didn’t know how to make a wind correction. During the first two shootings I knew that I had to use that windless moment to shoot clean. And the third shooting was a moment of blowing wind. But I’m happy the mistakes didn’t affect the result. I was told about the chance to win the Pursuit score about a week ago. I wasn’t following the situation myself. Winning the IBU Cup Pursuit Score was a nice surprise for me. I didn’t think too much about it”.

2 place – Alexey Slepov (Russia):

“This leg of IBU Cup was a great one for me. It was the final leg of the season and I managed to win once and also placed second. I am happy with today’s shooting. As I said yesterday I would do what I can in the track and on the shooting range. After the first lap I knew that this race will be interesting. And Alexander is an experienced athlete so he didn’t miss his opportunity. During the last lap I was just enjoying the course and saying hi to everybody cheering for me on the stadium”.

3 place – Florian Graf (Germany):

“I am really happy with my race today. I like the course here since the World Cup. There is always pressure from Russian guys. It was very hard because of them. My last shooting was clean so I left the shooting range 10 seconds before the next athlete. And it was confident and good finish for me. I think it was my last race. I am finishing my career in biathlon so I am happy to be on the podium in my last race. The season for me wasn’t so good. Olympics didn’t work out for me. So I am glad to place third in my last race. I hope I can have a good time after the biathlon career”.


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